Princess Sofia Toys

"I'm not ready to be a princess"

Welcome to the Castle of Princess Sofia The First

pic1The commoner turned princess tv series, Sofia The First, is fast becoming Disney Junior's favorite tv program for kids. It's easy to fall in love with the premise and many young children can easily identify with the character herself.


On this site are everything you need for your little one who loves Sofia the First and her friends. We feature popular Princess Sofia toys and dresses. We also have all the info you need to make Sofia the First parties a great success.

Princess Sofia Dress

princess sofia costume

We all know that Princess Sofia has a walk in closet with loads of dresses, but this dress color is the one we remember from the Princess Sofia movie...More...

Princess Sofia Amulet

princess sofia amulet necklace

And this is where the magic happens. Princess Sofia's amulet is just the necklace that every little princess as special as Sofia needs.


Princess Sofia Party

princess sofia toys

Planning a Princess Sofia themed birthday party for your little princess at home? This is what you need.